Bruce Coville Appreciation Post



Okay, I lied. I’m actually re-reading Bruce Coville’s Alien Ate My Homework.  Mostly because I wanted to find this particular exchange between a human and an alien that in hindsight was my first exposure to preferred pronouns:

"Oh, I wasn’t an only child.  I had several siblings.  Just no brothers or sisters."

"Wait a minute.  Siblings are people who have the same parents as you do.  So you have to have brothers or sisters."

"Brothers are male, correct?"

I nodded.

"And sisters are female?"

When I nodded again, Tar Gibbons spread his arms, leaned that long neck forward, blinked at me, and said, “Then I don’t have any.”

"Well, that just doesn’t make sense!"  I was started to get a little angry because I thought he was teasing me.

"Why not?"

"They have to be one or the other!"

"Oh, don’t be silly.  I am neither male nor female.  I’m a farfel."

"Is that more like a boy or more like a girl?"

"Actually, it’s more like a pippik than anything."

I turned to Madame Pong, but she just spread her hands.  ”I don’t think you want to get into a discussion of biology as it is practiced on Tar Gibbons’s planet.”

"Okay," I said.  "Just tell me what pronoun to use when I talking about him.  Her.  Uh, it.  I mean…see what I mean?"

"It will do just fine," said Tar Gibbons.

"What will do just fine?"

It will,” he repeated.

"What will?"

It.  Refer to me as an it.”

"That seems pretty rude," I said nervously.

"Not as rude as calling me a he or a she," it said.

I sighed and turned back to my volcano.  I would have to think about this for a while.

Seriously.  Reasons why Bruce Coville is a fantastic human being:  1)  Asking for preferred pronouns in 1993.  In a kids book.  2)  In that same book, had a Kirk/Spock expy pair that get shipped so hard.  3) Contributed to a YA anthology of gay and lesbian short stories.  In 1994.  4)  Had a character with a gay uncle (which was a plot point but not the whole plot) in 1997.  In a kids’ book.  5)  In 2010, openly acknowledged the homoerotic undertones between two characters with an in-text “No they’re not - not that there’s anything wrong with that.”  In a kids book.

Allies.  Doing it right.

More interesting info on Bruce Coville.  One small correction - he is bisexual so he’s not an ally.  More like queer people doing it right for ourselves.  Even 20+ years ago in kids books.  

I should reread these books… i have really fond memories of them. When I was like 7 and my brother was 5 we decided to write a sequel to one of the books - baby’s first fanfiction I guess! We only got a few pages in and now it’s lost. :(


Yet Another Spaceship Game

This was a quick project I threw together inspired by Artemis, a nifty co-op game where you and your friends pilot a spaceship together, each having a different “bridge console” available on their laptop. I made this mostly because I was dying to do a project in C#, and make interfaces in OpenGL. For only working on it a few days, I made some decent progress; a ship that flies around, some AI ships to shoot at, not-too-shabby warp speed particle effects and a user interface that has absolutely nothing at all to do with any popular sci-fi series owned by MGM.

I might revisit this at some point… watching this video after a few years has reminded me of how cool it is >_>

So guys my boyfriend just started a tumblr!

He does all sorts of cool stuff like computer games and simulations, making props, and taking really neat astronomy photos. (He was the one that helped/basically did all the work when I made my portal gun).

I really recommend you check him out and give him a follow if you like seeing neat projects on your dash. His url is alexkarantza.

some things i bought on amazon this evening…

some things i bought on amazon this evening…


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cute url :)

rogueofstorms tagged me in a post-six-selfies meme so why not. :)

this was actually really easy because i love pictures of myself. i’m really vain.

anyway! in order:

  • last year halloween, at work. star trek cosplay like a nerd
  • new haircut like last november i think?
  • cherry blossoms! visiting MD for passover this past spring
  • spaaaace. i forget when this was taken. my bf’s old apt!
  • my outfit for NYC pride this past june
  • and of course trickster roxy. from this past ctcon in july

and i’m tagging nootnootmothafuckah. your turn dear

new cosplay plans

ok this is the easiest of the cosplays i’m planning on, but some friends and i are doing a tf2 group for halloween, so i have to get on this. i’m gonna be scout!

things to acquire:

  • baseball hat
  • headset
  • baseball bat
  • dogtags
  • stripey sneakers (perfect because my actual sneakers are about to bite the dust)
  • tshirt (i think i’ll go with blue team though)
  • dress pants
  • tall socks
  • belt
  • one-shoulder backpack (i’m so excited about a cosplay i can carry my stuff in!)
  • medical tape?
  • obnoxious attitude

my sister tagged me in this thing so i’m gonna do it!

1. Do you have any dark secrets? You don’t have to share them, but do you have any?

Honestly, not really! I keep other people’s secrets but I’m pretty open about myself.

2. Have you ever been in love/are you currently?

Yeah, I am. <3

3. What did you dream last night (or the last time you can remember dreaming)?

I dreamt that it was review season at work, and my manager was running around all excited and he was like “everyone gets 1s!” [a 1 is the best you can get on the scale of 5. It means you are a core contributor to the company]. So both me and my one other teammate got 1s. I was like “Can this actually happen?” because there’s a limited number of 1s they’re allowed to give out. Answer: no, it cannot, but dreams are crazy. :)

4. Do you keep a diary? Why/why not?

I do! I’ve kept a journal since I was about 11 I think. I love writing down my thoughts and feelings, it’s very cathartic. And I love reading about my past self even more!

5. Do you think fish are cute?


6. Do you think reptiles are cute?


7. Do you have pets? What are they like?

none. :( But we hope to get a cat soon!

8. Do you have any houseplants?

I have a spiderplant that has survived against all odds for a few years. And we have a bunch of plants my bf’s mother gave us, including some delicious tomatoes (just ripening now!) and some basil!

9. Are you well rested?

no. :( normally I get about 8 hours of sleep a night, but I didn’t get to sleep until 2am on Sunday night so I’m still recovering from that.

10. Are you wearing clothes right now?

I am at work so… yes

11. Do you enjoy these tag things? Why/why not?

sure, it’s something to kill 10 minutes with! :)

I’m not going to tag anyone because I am lazy/I don’t think anyone would do it, sorry shoshana…



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